Meet the Owners

Family owners deb, maddie, linda        
Welcome to The Copper Partridge!
We began our store five years ago.  Linda was on a morning walk and saw a cute little shop for sale.  Two days later we found ourselves embarking in a NEW and exciting and scary adventure! We have learned so much and continue to learn and change and grow. We really are a small business that has the whole family involved.  We are so grateful for our husbands who help out, behind the scenes, to make this adventure possible! 
Mom and daughter and granddaughter (Linda, Deb, Maddie) work hard to find affordable, unique and beautiful products.  We love to welcome each person who enters our store and treat them as a friend.  We LOVE our jobs!  From buying products, to merchandising, to helping folks find the perfect item and then gift wrapping for free.  We think of our store as an extension of our home.  We provide a warm and fun experience for every person who enters.  We would love to meet you if you visit our quaint town, stop in and visit us. 
Linda and Deb